JAT Chat | Work-Family Conflict of Athletic Trainers Who Are Parents

Dr. Radzak discusses Work-Family Conflict of Collegiate and Secondary School Athletic Trainers Who Are Parents with Dr. Stephanie Singe and Kristin McKenney. Dr. Singe is an Associate Professor, and Clinical Education Coordinator of the CAATE accredited athletic training program at the University of Connecticut. Over the last 15 years she has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles on subjects related to work-life balance, professional commitment and retention, and professional socialization. Her work has focused on determining factors that contribute to work-life conflict for the athletic trainer working in a variety of settings as well as strategies that can minimize the negative impact of those conflicts. Dr. Singe’s research efforts have also included gaining an appreciation of the complex and dynamic process on how an athletic trainer gains understanding of their varied roles within the profession as a means to facilitate improved role inductance and continuance. Kristin McKenney is an athletic trainer at Emerson College. McKenney is a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer and also certified in AED and CPR. In her career, she also has two publications and presentations, one on Treatment for Orthopaedic Conditions and the other based on treatments surrounding Orthopaedic Conditions, specifically, Myofascial Release. 

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