Feb 12, 2020

The Hennepin county, Minnesota DA’s office announced it will not be seeking criminal charges against any of the officers involved in the September shooting death of aspiring sound Cloud rapper, Brian Quinones. Quinones live streamed the police chase that ended in his death on Facebook. In 2018, Orange County, CA couple, Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley, were charged with more than 17 counts, related to alleged sexual assaults against multiple female victims. Last week, the new district attorney announced he will be seeking the dismissal of the charges because, despite an investigation, there was no evidence to corroborate the accusations. Now, it is in question whether the judge will grant the dismissal. Finally, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Michael Walker and Alisa Jackson were sentenced for the 2014 murder of Walker’s wife, Catherine. Jackson, who was having an affair with Walker, admitted she broke into the Walkers’ home, stabbed Catherine multiple times, and then waited on the scene for half an hour, until she was dead. Walker planned the murder.

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