Benjamin Redfearn

On July 20, 2017, 30-year-old Benjamin Redfearn left his home in Farmington, New Mexico to attend his daughter’s 6th birthday party. Ben and his daughter’s mother were no longer together but they were committed to co-parenting their child together and Ben was known to be a loving father. By this time, Ben was in another relationship and his current girlfriend was unhappy about him attending the party. On the way to the party, an argument ensued and his girlfriend stopped the car and let Ben out far from the party. Ben ended up walking the rest of the way and was three hours late. Everyone at the party noticed that Ben seemed upset and had a black eye. Ben’s dad gave him a ride home after the party ended. In the car, his dad pleaded with Ben to come back to California with him, he feared for his son’s safety. Ben declined the offer but stated that he didn’t want to go back into the apartment he shared with his girlfriend. Ben got out of the car and that was the last time his dad saw him. It was after this time that Ben dropped off radar. Months later, there was a sighting of Ben but it is unclear what happened to him and his family is desperate for answers. If you have any information about the disappearance of Benjamin Redfearn, please contact Detective Chavez with the Farmington Police Department at 505-566-2370. You can also call their tip line at 505-599-1068. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can call the San Juan County Crimestoppers at 505-334-8477. June 5, 2020 UPDATE: Today we learned that some of Ben’s friends listened to the podcast last week and felt compelled to contact law enforcement to disclose his location in another state. Detective Chavez asked local law enforcement in that location to reach out to Ben and they confirmed that Ben is alive. At this point, Ben has not spoken to his family. That is all the information we have at this time. Thank you all for listening and sharing!

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