Audrey Herron

On August 29, 2002, 31-year-old Audrey Herron finished up her shift at the healthcare facility where she worked in Catskill, NY around 11PM. She walked to her Jeep with some coworkers and said goodnight. The night was dark and rainy, however, Audrey had been making the same commute back and forth to work for years. According to her husband, Audrey never made it home that night and seemingly vanished into the night. Despite extensive searches, no trace of Audrey has ever been found. Over the years, many theories have surfaced as to what may have happened to Audrey on that rainy night more than 17 years ago. If you have any information about the disappearance of Audrey Herron, you may call the New York State Police at 518-622-8600. You can follow Audrey's case on Facebook at:

2356 232

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