Danny Lee Kelley

On May 31, 1995, 35-year-old Danny Lee Kelley disappeared from Gold Hill, Oregon. He had been staying with some friends when they called his family for help stating that he was acting strange, they thought he may need to go to the hospital. Several family members responded to the scene and witnessed Danny’s strange behavior, talking to people who weren’t there and acting paranoid. They attempted to get him in the car when he just took off running toward the Rogue River. His sister and her boyfriend chased after Danny but he was never seen or heard from again. His family has many theories on what happened to Danny from he simply drowned in the river to him staging this to disappear to Mexico. Nearly 24 years have passed since Danny disappeared and his oldest son, Shane, has renewed the efforts to find answers. If you have any information about Danny’s disappearance, please call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 541-774-6800.

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