Dan Jarski

62-year-old Dan Jarski disappeared from Grant Park, Illinois on September 9, 2018. That morning, he fed his dog, took the key to his van and his driver’s license and left. Dan left his wallet and cell phone at home. His vehicle was recovered a few days later at a state park, but no trace of him has been found. Law enforcement agencies have conducted extensive searches for Dan using ATVs, drones, dogs, boats, and more. Dan’s wife Janace is looking for answers about why Dan disappeared and what may have happened to him. Anyone with information about Dan’s case is urged to call the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office at 815-933-3324 or Detective Brady Bertrand at 815-802-7159. You can follow Dan’s case on Facebook at Find Dan Jarski. UPDATE: Dan's remains were located in Kankakee River State Park on November 10, 2018. This episode was sponsored by: Betabrand-Get 20% off Betabrand's dress pant yoga pants by visiting betabrand.com and using code VANISHED.

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