Amanda Kay Jones

In August of 2005, 26-year-old Amanda Jones was pregnant with her second child, a boy that she planned to name Hayden. Amanda was a single mom who was extremely close with her 4-year-old daughter. On August 14, 2005, she had plans to meet the alleged father of baby Hayden, Bryan Westfall, to discuss his role in the baby's life. She dropped her daughter off and left to meet him at the Hillsboro Civic Center in Hillsboro, Missouri. Amanda promised to be back in a couple hours. When she didn't return, her family grew concerned because she was so close to her due date. They were worried that she may be experiencing a medical emergency. They began frantically searching for her and found her car parked at the Civic Center. Amanda's mom, Bertha, contacted Westfall who told her several conflicting stories about what transpired that day. Amanda and baby Hayden remain missing and Bryan has refused to speak about Amanda's disappearance for almost 13 years. If you have any information about the disappearance of Amanda Jones, the FBI is currently offering a $20,000 reward. You can submit a tip anonymously online at or by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI. You can also contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department at 636-797-5562. If you would like to follow Amanda’s case on Facebook, her family runs a group called Find Amanda Jones. This episode was sponsored by: Ritual- Visit to try their Essential for Women vitamins. Brooklinen- Visit and use promo code MIA at check-out for $20 off and free shipping. Sleep Number - Visit or any of the 550 Sleep Number stores nationwide and mention that Marissa from The Vanished sent you. Blue Apron- Get $30 off your first order and with free shipping by visiting Madison Reed- Visit and use code VANISHED for 10% off plus free shipping.

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