Unique Harris

On October 9th, 2010, 24-year old Unique Harris spent the evening at her Washington, DC apartment with her two young sons and 9-year-old cousin. They had a movie night planned. Unique spoke to her grandfather that evening and he could hear the kids in the background and popcorn popping. Unique put the kids to bed that night and later vanished. The children awoke the following morning and couldn't find Unique. No trace of Unique has ever been found. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Unique Harris, you can contact Valencia at 202-664-3173. Her email address is Vharris627.VH@gmail.com. You can contact Detective Michael Fulton at 202-497-3470. You can send anonymous tips via text to 50411. To follow Unique's case on Facebook, there are two groups: Awaiting Unique's Safe Return and Unique RaQuel-Leona Harris Come Home Now! UPDATE- In December of 2020, Issac Moye was charged with Unique’s murder. They were able to match Moye’s DNA to DNA found on a couch in Unique’s residence. While in prison on unrelated charges, Moye confided in another inmate that he had killed a missing girl. At the time of Unique’s disappearance, Moye was wearing a GPS tracker which showed that he was in the area of her apartment that night.

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