Johnathan Lee Hamilton - Part 2

26-year-old Johnathan Lee Hamilton left his home in Houston, Texas on May 2, 2015. Two days later, he showed up a couple hours away in the town of Bastrop, Texas. He abandoned his vehicle in a Best Buy parking lot, it had run out of gas. Several people in the town of Bastrop, including police, interacted with Johnathan that day and then he simply vanished without a trace. In this first part of Johnathan’s story, we’re going to dig into the days leading up to his disappearance up until the last time that he was reportedly seen on May 4th.  If you have not listened to Part 1, please listen to that first! Join me for Part 2 where we dig a bit deeper into this case. Where is Johnathan? If you have any information about the disappearance of Johnathan Lee Hamilton, you can send tips on Facebook through Johnathan Lee Hamilton Missing or you can contact the Bastrop Police Department at (512) 332-8600 or (512) 332-8603 or you can even mail it to them anonymously at 104 Grady Tuck Ln, Bastrop, TX 78602. For more information about our sponsors, please visit: 2019 UPDATE- In July of 2019, a jaw bone was recovered in the area where Johnathan went missing. On August 23, 2019, Johnathan’s family was notified that the dental comparison was a match.

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