Madeline Jones and William Jones-Gouchenour

Madeline Jones and her 8 month old son, William, disappeared from their Mesa, Arizona home on June 15th, 2017. The following day, her father, Roland "Alex" Jones called 911 to report that they were missing. Leading up to their disappearance, Madeline and her ex-husband had gone through a nasty divorce and custody battle. The court had just awarded joint custody to William’s father, Jacob. A witness has come forward claiming to have seen Madeline dye her hair and dress William as a girl shortly before disappearing. All court documents and police reports referenced in this episode can be found in the Facebook group Missing: Bring Baby William and Madeline Jones Home. UPDATE: After this podcast first aired, Cassie and Roland "Alex" Jones were arrested on September 27, 2017. William and Maddie were located safe on October 2, 2017. For reference, the important people mentioned in this episode include: Jacob Gouchenour - William's father Madeline "Maddie" Jones - William's mother, missing since June 15, 2017. William Jones-Gouchenour - The son of Jacob and Madeline, missing since June 15, 2017. Cassie Jones - The mother of Maddie Jones. Roland "Alex" Jones - The father of Maddie Jones. Kelci - Maddie's friend. For more information about our sponsors, please visit:

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