Ep 21: The Final Trial For Aaron Hernandez (The Murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado)

In March 2017, former NFL star and already-convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez went on trial for the murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Daniel and Safiro were murdered in July 2012, after a possible encounter with Aaron Hernandez at a Boston nightclub. Five days after his trial was over, an unexpected turn of events would change Aaron's criminal record forever.  Please consider supporting Court Junkie with as little as $3 a month via Patreon.com/CourtJunkie. Help support Court Junkie with $6 a month and get access to bonus monthly episodes. Follow me on Twitter @CourtJunkiePod or Instagram at CourtJunkie. Music in this episode by: The Signals by Sergey Cheremisinov - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Sergey_Cheremisinov/The_Signals/Sergey_Cheremisinov_-_The_Signals_-_06_The_Signals Fourth Dimension by Alex Mason /The Minor Emotion - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Alex_MasonThe_Minor_Emotion/Return_1655/03_1887 For Who to Fail by Rest You Sleeping Giant - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Rest_You_Sleeping_Giant/Coldharvest_II/Rest_You_Sleeping_Giant_-_Spirits_Outtakes_-_09_For_Who_to_Fail Tumult by Kai Engel - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai_Engel/The_Run/Kai_Engel_-_The_Run_-_07_Tumult We Were Never Meant to Live Here by Chris Zabriskie - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Chris_Zabriskie/Music_from_Neptune_Flux/ChrisZabriskie-MusicfromNeptuneFlux-10 Children - Our Life by Nuno Adelaida - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Nuno_Adelaida/none_given_1662/Nuno_Adelaida_02_Children-Our_Life

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