4: Episode 4: How Did This Get Made?

It's been a year since the smash hit documentary Abducted in Plain Sight premiered on Netflix and set the internet ablaze with shock, fascination, disbelief, and rage over the story of 12 year-old Jan Broberg who was kidnapped TWICE by her neighbor and family friend Bob Berchtold. This four-part series goes behind the scenes of the documentary and shares new interviews with Jan and her parents, deleted scenes, shocking plot lines cut from the film, never-before-heard audio journals from the kidnapper and his wife recovered by the FBI, and so much more.Episode 4 is all about how the film Abducted in Plain Sight came together. After all the research, interviews, casting, and shooting. When it came time to take all the material they had and make a movie out of it, how did they do it? How did they decide what the core story was and how to tell it? Over the course of putting this podcast together, one of the names that kept coming up as someone who was key to the storytelling of the film was the editor, James Cude. So we decided that Skye and James should sit down and have a conversation about what should stay, what should be cut, and how the storytelling helped propel this small, independent project into a worldwide phenomenon.All four episodes of Obsessed With Abducted in Plain Sight are available to binge right now! To learn more about Skye Borgman and Top Knot Films, go here. And if you're looking for more great podcasts, go here to see all the podcasts made by the Obsessed Network. 

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