The Hollywood Ripper

This week we’re discussing a killer who escaped being caught after his first murder, but after evading police and moving across the country, he would continue to kill for years to come. Thank you to this week’s sponsors! ThirdLove knows there’s a perfect bra for everyone, so right now they are offering our listeners 10% off your first order! Go to now to find your perfect-fitting bra… and get 10% off your first purchase! Check out all the amazing shoes, bags and masks available right now at Get started today - frame your photos or send someone the perfect gift.Go to and use promo code MOMS to save an additional 15% off your first order.  Give your loved ones the gift of spending time together, wherever you live, with StoryWorth. Get started right away with no shipping required by going to You’ll get $10 off your first purchase!  If you’d like to support The Mom’s and get some fun perks, including bonus episodes and early release- ad free episodes, you can check out our Patreon page at As always, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and on our website at Make sure you subscribe and rate our show to help others find us! We updated our merch store, you can find that at!  Connect with us on social media Worst Gift Ideas: Mandy: Melissa: Sources: The list of sources can be found at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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