Podcast Extravaganza

This week Melissa and Mandy got lazy. Real, real lazy. So lazy in fact that they invited some of their friends to do all of the research for them! Join them for the celebration of their 15th show (that’s a thing, they promise). They also have a QaA towards the end of the episode, plus a small segment with their kids (warning: it gets loud) and a listener submission because this episode is the best. Lastly, the kids debut their “show” which is a complete rip-off of their favorite show, Varmints! Please don’t sue us!   Thanks to all of our friends for participating! You can find them all on twitter at: @STAT_Tales- STAT Podcast @ColorMeDeadPod- Color Me Dead Podcast @KillaforniaPod- Killafornia Dreaming Podcast @IsThis_Adulting- Is This Adulting Podcast @Guilty_Podcast- Guilty Podcast @MirthsNMonsters- Mirths and Monsters Podcast @Pretend_Radio- Pretend Radio Podcast @PintsAndPuzzles- Pints and Puzzles Podcast @TCFCPod- True Crime Fan Club Podcast @CorpusDelictiPC- Corpus Delicti Podcast @FilmRoastShow- Film Roast Podcast @NRWMPodcast- Nothing Rhymes With Murder Podcast   An extra special thanks to Cassie from our Facebook group for joining us for a quick chat! Our apologies for any weird audio issues in this clip. We don’t know how to audio on skype.   Our kids joined us for a QaA at the very end. If you don’t like bumping on tables and random noises, it may not be the clip for you. It starts at the 2:09 mark (because this is the longest episode in the history of ever). Wanna support your favorite Moms? Check out our patreon page at patreon.com/MomsAndMurderPodcast Merchandise coming soon!   Facebok.com/MomsAndRedRum Instagram: @MomsAndMurder Twitter.com/MomsAndMurder Facebook Group: Mums The Word   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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