Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp: America’s Least Favorite Amazon Reviewer. This week we move out of Florida into the land of South Carolina…well, sort of. We are discussing the bewildering case of Todd Kohlhepp, who was either a “good boy” or American serial killer depending on whether you ask his mother or literally any other member of the human race. #toddyboy   Please remember to subscribe and rate us 5 stars, because 4 stars would be a crime. Join us on our website at to find out how to connect with us via social media where we will be giving some clues for next week’s episode!   Make sure you also check out our friends over at! #momsandmurder #truecrimetuesday #iminvinciblewhen Links to videos we discuss in this episode: Excerpt of interview with Todd’s Mom 48 Hours Episode Kala Brown’s Rescue Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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