S1 / E42 Influencer Obssesion: Stalking Stephanie Matto

Stephanie Matto is an Influencer, Youtuber and Author, who formerly starred on the TV Reality Series 90 Day Fiancé. After receiving a series disturbing comments on her YouTube channel she blocked the user and then he found her email address and sent her messages claiming to be her neighbor, revealing the actual address of her new apartment, and that he was watching her. Stephanie received disgusting, perverted messages from his Google voice numbers. When she didn’t answer he became hostile and threatened to “come down to her address.” Now Stephanie is speaking out about her terrifying ordeal and how she’s fighting back against her stalker. Also joining us is Dr. David Maimon, a cyber crime expert, author, and creator of an Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Group who is here to share his insight on Stephanie’s case. Check Out Our Patreon: www.patreon.com/strictlystalking Instagram: Strictly Stalking - @strictlystalkingpod Jaimie Beebe - @feathergirl77 Jake Deptula - @jaked3000 See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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