S1 / E26 A Dangerous Obsession: Stalking Brianne

Brianne was stalked by a man with an obsession for guns and anarchy. While dating a former high school classmate turned soldier, Brianne discovers that he’s ransacked her house, stolen her jewelry, and emptied her bank account. After three months she breaks it off, and he immediately begins leaving her disturbing voicemail messages, following her in his car, and knocking on her door late at night.   She starts an online Facebook group to warn her friends and discovers that her stalker has already independently stalked several of them as well. Get up to $200 off your own PERSONALIZED mattress at HelixSleep.com/STALKING Get 10% off your first month of Better Help by visiting BetterHelp.com/STALKING See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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