For the Victims and Community

Jim, Laura and Lisa jump into a bonus episode to express their sympathy for the victims in the recent Atlanta shooting. Laura calls out the regrettable comments of law enforcement which shockingly platformed the narrative of the offender over the voices of the victims and their families. Jim catches us up with his latest project "America's Most Wanted" and we get an update on Laura's incredible achievements in the U.K. on the registry for serial offenders. #victimsmatter #stopaapihate #stopcallingthemmassageparlors #misogynygreenlightsracism #hernamewasXiaojie Tan #hernamewasHyun Jung Grant #hernamewasDelaina Ashley Yaun #hernamewasYong Ae Yue #hernamewasDaoyou Feng #hernamewasSoon Chung Park #hernamewasSuncha Kim #hisnamewasPaulAndreMichels #hisnameisElciasHernandez-Ortiz

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