The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Rapist, Paedophile, Burglar - Part 1

Today we begin our coverage of a horrific offender whom we are loathe to name, and a Netflix documentary series about his heinous crimes — who’s title we hate to repeat. Most people know his name but don’t know the victims. We will refer to him as RR throughout our series, We take apart the framework of the docuseries, which is from the POV of Detectives Frank Salerno and Gill Carrillo who led the task force to find this killer. Right off the bat, Laura and Jim have some differing and controversial opinions on the docuseries, the men charged with leading the investigation and the investigation itself. You won’t want to miss this. #victimsmatter #TheseAreOnlyTheOnesWeKnowOf #HernamewasMeiLeung #HernamewasJennieVincow #HernameisAnastasiaHronas #HernamewasDayleOkazaki #HernameisMariaHernandez #HernameisTsaiLianYu #TheirnameswereVincentandMaxineZazarra #TheirnameswereWilliamandLillianDoi #HernamewasMabelBell #HernamewasFlorenceLang #TheirnamesareCarolandMarkKyle #HernamewasPattyElaineHiggins #HernamewasMaryLouiseCannon #HernameisWhitneyBennett #TheirnamesareLorraineandJohnRodriguez #HernamewasJoyceLucilleNelson #HernameisSophieDickman #TheirnameswereMaxandLelaKneiding #HisnamewasChainarongKhovananth #HernameisSomkidKhovananth #TheirnamesareChristopherandVirginiaPeterson #HisnamewasElyasAbowathy #HernameisSakinaAbowathy #TheirnameswerePeterandBarbaraPan #TheirnameswereChristinaandMaryCaldwell #HisnameisBillCarns #HernameisInezErickson #richardramirez #huntforaserialkiller #netflix #nightstalker This week’s episode is brought to you from our sponsors who have some great offers just for you: NOOM - Based in psychology, Noom teaches you how to eat, so you can accomplish your personal health goals and stick with them long-term. Because you don’t need rules to lose weight, you need knowledge.There's a science to getting healthier. It's called Noom. Sign up for your trial today at GREEN CHEF - Green Chef is the first USDA-certified organic meal kit company. Enjoy clean ingredients you can trust, seasonally-sourced for peak freshness. Green Chef makes eating well easy and affordable with plans to fit every lifestyle. Whether you’re Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, or just looking to eat healthier, there’s a range of recipes to suit any diet or preference! Go to and use code "90realcrime" to get $90 off including free shipping. THIRDLOVE - ThirdLove knows there’s a perfect bra for everyone, so right now they are offering our listeners 20% off your first order! Go to now to find your perfect-fitting bra… and get 20% off your first purchase! 

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