Renee Williams Interview - Part 1

This week we sit down with Jim’s friend and colleague Renee Williams who is Executive Director of the National Center for the Victims of Crime in Washington D.C.. Renee explains how the center was founded by victims of crime, namely Alex and Ala Auersperg, children of Sunny Von Bulow, who’s husband Klaus Von Bulow was convicted of her attempted murder — a conviction reversed on appeal. Renee discusses the difficulties in getting victims the help they need and deserve. Please support Laura's campaign for serial domestic abusers and stalkers to be proactively, identified, assessed and managed by police, probation and prison services across the UK. Please sign and share the petition: #HernamewasSunnyVonBulow #victimsmatter #reneewilliams #nationalcenterforthevictimsofcrime This week’s episode is brought to you from our sponsors who have some great offers just for you: BETTER HELP - Visit and join the over 1,000,000 people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. • Special offer for Real Crime Profile listeners: get 10% off your first month at PURPLE- “The Purple Grid” sets the Purple mattress apart from every other mattress. It’s a patented comfort technology that instantly adapts to your body’s natural shape and sleep style. Experience The Purple Grid and you’ll sleep like never before! Go to and use promo code realcrime10. For a limited time you’ll get 10% off any order of $200 or more! Terms apply. SUPPORT OUR OTHER SHOWS!! Don’t forget to subscribe to Lisa and Laura’s new podcasts, available everywhere you listen to your pods. Join Laura on Crime Analyst as she deconstructs and analyses real cases, profiling behavior and identifying the red flags to prevent murders in slow motion. #Forgotten Victims Subscribe now! Join Lisa and her rag-tag group of co-hosts on KILLER CASTING as they break down the shows and films you need to be watching. Coming up, special guest BOB RUFF from Truth a Justice podcast wants to talk about his favorite show — COBRA KAI!!! Subscribe now! Big news from Jim! America’s Most Wanted is BACK, and Jim is involved. Look for it coming to Fox in March. And if you don’t know about it by now, be sure and check out Jim’s podcast Best Case/Worst Case that he does along with former Federal Prosecutor Francey Hakes. Join them as they go behind police lines with get unparalleled access to law enforcement officers, looking back at their most memorable cases – for better or for worse. Subscribe now! Best Case Worst Case – A Podcast That Takes You Behind Police Lines. Listen at

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