Naomi Gibson Interview Part One

Laura, Jim and Lisa interview Naomi Gibson to hear her first hand account of what it was like inside the NXIVM cult. But Naomi’s story does not start with NXIVM. She survived being born into and growing up in the infamous and horrific “Children of God” aka “The Family International” cult — one that demanded the sexual enslavement of women through "Flirty Fishing" and promoted child sex abuse among its thousands of followers worldwide. This background context is crucial to understand. You won’t want to miss Naomi telling us how she connected the dots and red flags between “Children of God” and NXVIM.  You can also see Naomi in the STARZ documentary series “Seduced: Inside the NXVIM Cult”. Thank you to our sponsor BEST FIENDS Download Best Fiends at the Apple App Store and Google Play

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