Deconstructing Farid Fata of Dr. Death Season 2

The RCP team analyzes the shocking story of Dr. Farid Fata, a renowned oncologist who falsely diagnosed thousands of patients with cancer in order to receive millions of dollars in profit — administering treatments that they didn’t need, treatments that made them very sick and in some cases killed them. Jim and Laura forensically deconstruct Fata’s behavior and the real motives behind his despicable actions.  You can hear this incredible story by downloading “Dr. Death Season 2” only on Wondery. Real Crime Profile is so grateful to our sponsor’s this week: Total Gym: ● Right now, Total Gym is offering a 30-day in-home trial on the Total Gym Fit for Just $1.  And no matter which Total Gym you try, our listeners can get an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF whatever discount they’re currently running. Just head to to get this special offer. You MUST go to this URL,, to get an ADDITIONAL 20% Off.  Or you can just call them at 1-800-385-0992. That’s 1-800-385-0992. Zip Recruiter: Real Crime Profile listeners can try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at  #drdeath #wondery #faridfata #VictimsMatter

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