Profiling The “Guru” and the Spiritual Warrior Deaths , Part 2

Laura Richards, Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti continue their discussion about the Wondery podcast "Guru" and discuss the deaths of Kirby Brown, Liz Neuman and James Shore on October 8, 2009 at a New Age "Spiritual Warrior" retreat conceived and hosted by JAR at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in Yavapai County near Sedona, Arizona. Eighteen others were hospitalized after suffering burns, dehydration, breathing problems, kidney failure, or elevated body temperature. The Death Dealer - An Article by Matt Stroud for The #HerNameWasKirbyBrown #HerNameWasLizNeuman #HisNameWasJamesShore THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS BEST FIENDS Download for Free at the Apple App Store or Google Play INTELLIWHITE Get $50 off the new INDIGLOW Teeth Whitening System. Go to and use promo code REALCRIME

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