Episode 253 - Breaking Down Tiger King with Barbara Fisher, Part 5

Laura Richards, Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti go behind the scenes of the Netflix show ‘Tiger King’ with Barbara Fisher, a tiger trainer who worked for Kevin Antle, self-titled ‘Doc Antle’ and ‘Bhagavan.’ We discuss Barbara’s reaction to the show, how she started working at Kevin’s facility, what was really going on behind the scenes, coercive control, psychopathy and so much more. Please be an activist: 1. WRITE to your senator and ask that coercive control is criminalised in your state to better protect women and girls; 2. SIGN the Domestic Violence Coercive Control Law Reform petition  https://www.laurarichards.co.uk/dv-law-reform/ 3. COMPLETE the Victims Voice Survey If you have experienced domestic abuse please take two minutes to complete this anonymous survey and gave your voice heard https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LLW6XZ3 THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS LUMINESS  Go toTrySilk.com/REALCRIME toget 60% off your Luminess Silk 4-in-1 Airbrush system. EMBARK  Visit https://embarkvet.com/ and use promo code REALCRIME to save 15% today.

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