Episode 237 - Profiling Bill Cosby, Part 2

Laura, Jim and Lisa continue to deep dive Bill Cosby's behaviour, coercive control and the enablers with award winning investigative journalist Nicki Weisensee Egan, host of the LA Times podcast Chasing Cosby and author of the book of the same name. #VictimsMatter #MaleViolence Laura Richards from Real Crime Profile is taking part in Podcast Live: Crime - a podcast festival over two evenings dedicated to murder, investigations and bad behaviour. The event's at Wilton's Music Hall in Whitechapel.Laura Richards from Real Crime Profile will be on Wednesday 8th April at 9.30pm Visit https://www.podcastlive.com/realcrimeprofile/ THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS EMBARK Go to EmbarkVet.com and use promo code REALCRIME for 15% off of your Dog DNA Test Kit TALK SPACE Get $100 off your first month on TalkSpace by using the code RealCrime QUIP Go to GetQuip.com/REALCRIME to get your first refill for free OLLIE Get 50% off of your first box plus a FREE bag of treats at MyOllie.com/REALCRIME

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