Episode 231 - Don't F**k with Cats, Part 5

Laura, Jim and Lisa discuss the final episode of the Netflix break out series Don't F**k with Cats, 'Closing the Net.' Laura and Jim share their thoughts with Lisa about the killer's psychopathology, his previous offending behaviour, whether he had murder in mind from the start and much more. Please note we intentionally do not name the killer throughout our season. #HisNameWasJunLin #Prevention #SerialAbusers #VictimsMatter Thank you to our sponsors: BEST FIENDS Download for free on Apple or Google Play NATIVE Get 20% off if you use promo code REAL CRIME during checkout at NativeDeodorant.com QUIP Go to GetQuip.com/REALCRIME and get your first refill for free. ZOLA Go to ZOLA.com/REALCRIME and use the promocode SAVE50 for 50% off your Save The Dates

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