Episode 216 - Forensically Deconstructing Jeffrey Epstein Part 10

Laura and Jim discuss with Lisa their indirect personality assessment of Jeffrey Epstein using the Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) that was developed by Dr Robert Hare.  #Epstein #EpsteinCoverUp #ChildSexTrafficking #VicitmsMatter Thank You To Our Sponsors QUIP Go to GetQuip.com/REALCRIME and get your first refill free ROCKET MORTGAGE Visit RocketMortgage.com/REALCRIME to get started ZOLA “Build your free wedding website on Zola and get $50 toward your registry. Go to ZOLA.com/REALCRIME HUNT A KILLER Go to HuntAKiller.com/REALCRIME for 20% off your first box

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