Episode 215 - The Case of Jennifer Levin: "The Preppy Murder" Part 2

Laura, Jim and Lisa analyse Jennifer Levin's murder in Central Park on August 26 1986 starting with victimology and the crime scene assessment against the backdrop of the five part AMC and Sundance docuseries "The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park." Laura highights the deeply troubling increase in the number of so-called "sex game gone wrong" defence cases and in particular Natalie Connolly's death and John Broadhurst's resultant three year and eight month sentence and his appeal of that sentence in the UK and the murder of Grace Millane's, which is currently before the courts in New Zealand. #HerNameWasJenniferLevin #HerNameWasNatalieConnolly #HerNameWasGraceMillane #VictimsMatter #PreppyMurder #MaleViolence You can watch 'The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park' about Jennifer Levin's case on AMC and Sundance https://www.amc.com/shows/the-preppy-murder-death-in-central-park Thank you to our sponsors EVERLANE Get free shipping on your first order when you visit Everlane.com/REALCRIME UPSTART Visit UpStart.com/REALCRIME to find out how low your rate is. NATIVE Get 20% off your first purchase by visiting NativeDeoderant.com and use promo code REALCRIME

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