Episode 211 - Forensically Deconstructing Jeffrey Epstein Part 7

We continue our deep dive analysis of Episode #5 of Wondery's six part series "The Mysterious Mr Epstein" and Epstein's behaviour and the network that enabled him, including Prince Andrew and many other celebrities. #Epstein #ChildSexTrafficking #SerialPerpetrator #UnmaskTheAbusers Thank you to our sponsors TALKSPACE Download the app or go to Talkspace.com, promo code REALCRIME and get $100 off of your first month EVERLANE Go to Everlane.com/REALCRIME and get free shipping on your first order ROCKET MORTGAGE Get started by going to RocketMortgage.com/REALCRIME FEALS Visit Feals.com/REALCRIME for 50% off of your first order

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