Episode 207 - Forensically Deconstructing Jeffrey Epstein Part 3

Laura Richards and Jim Clemente continue their behavioural analysis and forensic deconstruction of the Wondery six part show 'The Mysterious Mr Epstein'. Laura shares her shocking theory about Epstein's prolific sexual offending behaviour. You won't want to miss this. WARNING: This episode contains graphic content. #VictimsMatter #ChildSexTrafficking #CoerciveControl #SerialPerpetrator #Epstein And if you like our podcast, check out our deep dives into topics like the Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, The Exonerated Five, The Keepers, The Case of Madeleine McCann, Lyn Dawson the Teacher's Pet, Kathleen Peterson and The Staircase and Dirty John. Subscribe to our Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Thank you for our sponsors: SIMPLISAFE Get FREE shipping and a 60 day risk free trial. Go to SimpliSafe.com/REALCRIME NATIVE Get 20% off of your first purchase by visiting NativeDeodorant.com and use promo code REALCRIME TOMMY JOHN Go to TommyJohn.com/REALCRIME for 20% off of your first order

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