Episode 200 - Part 2 Mindhunter, Victims and Serial Killers with Professor John White

We continue our discussion with Professor John White, forensic neuropsychologist, former police investigator and curator of the serial killer database. We analyse Dennis Radar, Bobby Joe Long and Gary Heidnik, mass shooters and the characteristics and behaviours that the perpetrator's share in common. Importantly we discuss and honour the victim's including Michelle Simms, Sandra Lindsay and Deborah Dudley and the survivors - those who got away - including Lisa McVay, Josefina Rivera, Jacquelyn Askins, Lisa Thomas and Agnes Adams. #Mindhunter #CoerciveControl #HerNameWasMichelleSimms #HerNameISLisaMcVay #HerNameWasSandraLindsay #HerNameWasDeborahDudely #HerNameISJosefinaRivera #HerNameISJacquelynAskins #HerNameISLisaThomas #HerNameISAgnesAdams #Victims #Survivors Thanks to our sponsor. FIGS Go to WearFigs.com and use code REALCRIME for 15% off.

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