Episode 51 - Missing Dial with Carson Ulrich and Ken Fournier

The RCP team are joined by retired DEA agent Carson Ulrich and Pararescue jumper Ken Fournier who led the search for Cody Dial, the missing son of Nat Geo Explorer Roman Dial, in the Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica #HisNameWasCody #MissingDial New to Real Crime Profile? Never miss an episode by subscribing today at smarturl.it/realcrime Thank you to our sponsors: Blue Apron - Get 3 meals free on your first order when you visit them here: www.blueapron.com/realcrime Audible.com – Get a 30-day subscription and a free book when you sign up here: www.audible.com/realcrime Helix – Get $50 off any mattress when you visit them here: www.helix.com/realcrime Zip Recruiter – Get a free trial membership and find out how to hire smarter here: www.ziprecruiter.com/realcrime We'd like to hear from you. Find us on Twitter @RealCrimeProfil or search Real Crime Profile on Facebook, and please complete a quick survey at www.wondery.com/survey

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