Episode 35: Linkage and Behavioural Analysis of the Colonial Parkway Murders

Jim, Laura and Lisa are joined once more by special guest Bill Thomas and discuss the other victims who were murdered: David Lee Knobling, 20, and Margaret Edwards, 14, were found dead at Ragged Island Game Refuge on September 23 1987. They had both been shot. Richard Keith Call, 20, and Cassandra Lee Hailey, 18, disappeared from a Colonial Parkway overlook on April 10 1988 just three miles from where Cathy and Becky were killed. Their bodies have never been found. Daniel Lauer, 21, and Annamaria Phelps, 18, disappeared from a New Kent County rest stop off Interstate 64 on September 5 1983. Annamaria had been stabbed and the cause of death could not be determined for Daniel. Laura (Lollie) Winnons, 26, and Julianne Williams, 24, were last seen on May 24 1986. They were hiking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Their bodies were found and their throats had been cut, their hands bound and mouths gagged. #HerNameWasCathy #HerNameWasBecky #HisNameWasDavid #HerNameWasMargaret #HIsNameWasKeith #HerNamesWasCassandra #HisNameWasDaniel #HerNameWasAnnamaria #HerNameWasLaura #HerNameWasJulianne

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