Episode 14: The People vs. O.J. Simpson - Mark Fuhrman and Manna From Heaven

In the eighth episode about The People vs. O. J. Simpson, Jim Clemente (retired FBI Profiler a Criminal Mnds Writer/Producer), Laura Richards (Former New Scotland Yard Forensic Psychologist a Founder of Paladin Stalking Victim's Advocacy Service) and Lisa Zambetti (Criminal Minds Casting Director) review the episode "Manna From Heaven." Darden points out yet again to Marcia that "People like stories. It helps them make sense of things" and the toxicity of the case brings down everyone involved. Our experts JIm and Laura discuss the "Fuhrman tapes", Judge Ito's wife's involvement in the case and the bizarre twists and turns and decision making involved.#HerNameWasNicole #HisNameWasRon

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