The Killer Clown of Wellington, Part 1 | 6

When Marlene Warren answered a morning knock on her front door on Memorial Day weekend in 1990, a clown delivering flowers and balloons was smiling back at her. But her delight instantly turned to horror when the clown pulled a gun and put a bullet in her face. Police jumped on the trail of the killer clown almost immediately, and our reporters found that the investigation led them into the darkest corners of the Sunshine State — from loansharking and drug smuggling to prostitution and seedy affairs. But as a mountain of circumstantial evidence piled up and two possible suspects emerged, the case went ice cold. See photos, video and read more about the Encino Murders at Thank you to our sponsors: Audible — Get a 30-day trial and a free audiobook when you visit them at SimpliSafe — Get your home security system with no hidden fees or contracts at

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