411: Price Shopping Costs You 2x MORE

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Teddy Roosevelt   During this episode I talk about:  * Why QUALITY will save you money in the long run  * Understanding the toll 'doing it all' plays on your health and bank account * Getting out of your own way and asking for help    PODCAST SPONSOR: BIG LIFE JOURNAL  I've teamed up with BIG LIFE JOURNAL to help you give your children the tools and strategies they need to live their BIG LIFE. Their growth mindset journals empower children to face challenges head on, think positive, and embrace mistakes. Check it outl: www.momisincontrol.com/biglife   Continue the conversation on Instagram @momisincontrol Apply for Mastery: www.momisincontrol.com Apply for the FREE webinar: www.momisincontrol.com/join

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