358: How To Handle Unsolicited Advice

Community QaA: “ One of my energy leaks is hearing unwanted advice or opinions from my parents or my inlaws. How do I create better boundaries so I don't hear this from them? I've tried to have uncomfortable conversation with my mom who is the worst at this and it just gets worse. I don't think I can change her, so how do I not let it bother me? Sometimes I wonder if she says the things she does because she's jealous of the life my husband and I have built, which makes me sad for her. But, I still don't know how to not let it bother me.”  In this podcast, I talk about: * Giving advice vs. holding space for someone.  * How I handle being triggered and annoyed when given unsolicited advice. * Seeing ourselves in others and knowing the truth behind our fear of judgement.  If you have a question you’d like me to share on the podcast feel free to send it to support@heatherchauvin.com Continue to conversation on Instagram at @momisincontrol 

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