344: Diving In [Interview with Mandy Barbee]

Mandy Barbee's Website: prismhypnotherapyseattle.com    Mandy's Bio:  Mandy Barbee is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Distinguished Graduate of the USAF Academy, and founder of Palladium Mind Inc, where she utilizes imagery and visualization techniques with modern people to help them rapidly eliminate anxiety and enjoy everything more. She serves clients from more than 25 countries, both virtually and in person in her office in Seattle, WA. Mandy arrived at her emotionally open worldview through unique experience. She’s a former USAF Officer and an MA in Economics. From leading F22 flightline operations as an AF Officer, to managing financial performance in three commercial industries, to leading rock and ice climbs all across North America, Mandy is obsessed with creating massive, lasting a positive changes with others using practical actions and fun, natural tools.  Mandy's Email: mandy@palladiummind.com 

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