311: The Law Of Action {12 DAYS OF MOTHERING - DAY 3}

12 DAYS OF MOTHERING {DAY 3}  Day Three: The Law Of Action  "According to the Law of Action, you need to take action steps towards your wants in order to manifest them. An example of the Law of Action in natural motion is when a person gets angry and slams a door. The person is feeling angry, so his/her action is to slam the door to show that he/she is angry. Even if the person doesn’t want to be angry, he/she supports the emotion by action." (awakenthegreatnesswithin.com)   Our next Time a Energy Intensive is Saturday, January 5th  Apply here: www.heatherchauvin.com/intensive    Stronger Than You Think T-Shirt Campaign www.heatherchauvin.com 

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