285: Motivation Is A Lie {Interview With Megan Rempel}

" I had no idea that there was more I could feel and be until it happened." - Megan Rempel    In this episode Megan and I talk about:  How our bodies are the vessel to creating MORE The connection between food and mood Morning routines and why this habit is hugely underrated. Megan Rempel is a mother of 4, Registered Nurse and an everyday woman who started asking herself how she could generate more energy in her life. With small shifts to her nutrition and a 20-30 minute daily exercise practice, she's drastically shifted how she shows up for others. Feeling more alive, energized and motivated she now supports other women to do the same.    You can connect with Megan on:  Facebook: www.facebook.com/fittobeamama Instagram: www.instagram.com/meganrempel4   xo H  P.S. Applications are still open for MIIC Mastery, you can check out the program details here, www.momisincontrol.com  We have limited spots remaining. Once spaces are full the program will not open again until June 2019. If you've been considering Mastery - now is the time to ask your questions and/or apply :)  www.momisincontrol.com or email us at support@heatherchauvin.com 

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