277: How To Make Disease Disappear {Inspired by RANGAN CHATTERJEE, MD}

“Getting people better doesn’t come from scientific papers. It’s about creating actionable information.” - Rangan Chatterjee, MD    In this episode I talk about:  Why we need to start asking more questions about why things happened and seek the right support.  Shifting your mindset to "how can I solve this problem vs. who can fix me."  Understanding inspiration vs. transformation and the importance of actionable support.    Today's Journal Prompt:  Where is your life are you seeking help but don't feel you are getting the right support? Does it work for you? Does it work for your child?    Links:  Here the full story on the Rich Roll Podcast: www.richroll.com/podcast/rangan-chatterjee-376   Teach Your Kid To Meditate Program  www.heatherchauvin.com/kids 

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