164: Winning The Sugar Game {Interview With Renee Jayne}

In this episode, we talk about...  * The true addiction of sugar.  * How food and mood are connected. * How to start eliminating your sugar intake.  Renee Heigel, CHHP, AADP shows people how to feed themselves and love themselves. She has merged a unique blend of her experience in marketing, business, entrepreneurship, public speaking, holistic nutrition, wellness and Ayurvedic healing.  In addition to her dual degrees from Northwood University, Renee has earned degrees / certificates in the following disciplines: Holistic Nutrition Practitioner from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Life Coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, whole foods nutritionist cooking teacher, meditation. Renee’s innovative approach to holistic health and healing include the emotional and energetic self, she has worked with people from medical doctors, actors, entrepreneurs, high profile business people, couples and families. Renee has been featured on ABC and Fox News as a holistic health expert, she also works privately with individuals and corporations both locally and internationally. Renee is mom to Manny, he’s 7 years old. She’s happily in love with her man, Rob. She meditates daily, loves life, moving her body, delicious food, creativity and meeting new people.     Take the 7-day sugar challenge with Renee Jayne  www.winningthesugarchallenge.com      Have a person question for Heather Chauvin  support@heatherchauvin.com     

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