114: Adversity is important. Here's why.

Because you are a kind, caring woman, I know it's easy to want to save the world. The need to want to take every child's pain away from their mistakes, the need to save very bird, dog and person that you see but consider this...  Adversity build character, it creates us. It gives us drive to be better or to move mountain.  So when in doubt remember to focus your attention on what this current situation, problem or challenge is giving you.    People I mentioned in today's episode.  The School Of Greatness Podcast Robin Sharma    Gary Vaynerchuk     We are now accepting application for One On One and Our Group Coaching Program.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY -- once you've applied, we will be in touch with your next step to get on the phone.    Here is the direct link for the Mom Is In Control Program details.  www.momisincontrol.com/miic   FREE RESOURCES:  FACE BOOK GROUP Join our private FB group: Mom Is In Control Village   21 Day Mom Is In Control Challenge. 3 Part Training Series on Mindful Discipline.   TIME FREEDOM CHALLENGE    Have a person question? Send me an email: heather@heatherchauvin.com

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