102: How many holes are in your cup? You'd be surprised.

It's not that you can't do something. It's that doing what it takes to make it happen doesn't always look pretty at first.  The life and energy we crave takes time. It takes effort and focus to create what we want.  What are you willing to do to create your one and only life?    Take Back Control CHALLENGE:  Write a time log of your last 24 hours. How much were you doing for yourself? How much were you doing for others?      MINDFUL DISCIPLINE FREE TRAINING Join us here and learn more about how to help your children succeed www.momisincontrol.com/mindfuldiscipline    MOM IS IN CONTROL CHALLENGE  www.momisincontrol.com/challenge    Join the private FB community MOM IS IN CONTROL VILLAGE CLICK HERE TO JOIN Have a personal questions, email me: heather@heatherchauvin.com

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