090: The Awakened Family (part 1)

  The Awakened Family We all have the capacity to raise children who are highly resistant and emotionally connected. However, many of us are unable to because we are blinded by modern misconceptions of parenting and our own inner limitation.    In this episode -- I start the conversation about Dr.Shefali's new book The Awakened Family.  Reading from page 5. Chapter one.    READY TO TAKE YOUR LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL?  We are now accepting applications for the group coaching mastermind.  APPLY NOW for the Mom Is InControl Mastermind.  www.momisincontrol.com/miic     Join the private FB community MOM IS IN CONTROL VILLAGE CLICK HERE TO JOIN     FREE TRAINING SERIES:: Design The Life You Crave  Join here: www.heatherchauvin.com/miictraining     SPONSOR:  Transform your health and your life with Essential Oils.  To purchase your kit start here: www.mydoterra.com/heatherchauvin        Join the challenge here to get 21days of challenges in your inbox: www.momisincontrol.com/challenge       Have a personal question? email heather@heatherchauvin    

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