084: Trust yourself, trust the process (because I said so).

   I started this episode with a 'topic' in mind but those words didn't come out of my mouth. If I 'forced' myself to talk about that topic it would have left pushed and fake.  Learning to trust yourself and trust the process created flow and ease in your life.  It's all a process and I am so far from perfect.  We are human.  Welcome to the human experience.    SPONSOR:  Transform your health and your life with Essential Oils.  To purchase your kit start here: www.mydoterra.com/heatherchauvin      SUN AND SOUL RETREAT  (July 15-17th 2016)  www.sunandsoulretreats.com     The video I reference in the podcast:  https://youtu.be/qS_yRy5EYQk     READY TO TAKE YOUR LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL?  We are now accepting applications for the group coaching mastermind.  APPLY NOW for the Mom Is InControl Mastermind.  www.momisincontrol.com/miic   Join the challenge here to get 21days of challenges in your inbox: www.momisincontrol.com/challenge     Join the private FB community MOM IS IN CONTROL VILLAGE CLICK HERE TOJOIN   Have a personal question? email heather@heatherchauvin    

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