036: Emotional Muscle Bootcamp (AKA stop yelling, feel confident, and get your shit together)

POINT 1: You are in control of your energy.  Yep, you. No one else. Boundaries mama. It's a process but everyday is a new learning opportunity. How can you grow? What actions can you take to feel closer to how you want to feel?  POINT 2: If you don't control your energy, your energy will control you. Period.  Just like anything, it's all a practice. It takes time. We need to integrate it as a lifestyle, not a quick fix.  POINT 3: What you resist will persist and grow bigger.  It took me 3 days of pity party to experience enough contrast to know I needed to get my shit together. If you don't pay attention to the aches - they WILL get better.    ACTION STEP:  What do you need to do right now, today to get you one step closer to your essence?    Resources:  ACTIVATE THE LIFE YOUR SOUL CRAVES WEBINAR: December 8th 2016 10am CLICK to register: www.heatherchauvin.com/activate   

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