035: Why I stopped asking for my husband's advice.

035: Why I stopped asking for my husband’s advice.    POINT ONE: Watch out for their limiting beliefs.  When we ask others ‘what they think’ often times they are coming from a judgemental point of view.  Their own lens of beliefs. Take ALL advice and guidance and ask yourself “does this work for me?”   POINT TWO: Don’t ask for advice if you’re really seeking permission.  This is a sneaky one and it gets us every time. When you ask for advice making sure you’re asking the right person and not something who is emotionally involved in the problem.    POINT THREE: It’s not up to him, it’s up to you.  Start taking personal responsibility for what you want not what someone else wants.  If you’re always living in someone else’s life - you will never feel in alignment in yours.        RESOURCES:    Activate The Life Your Soul Craves Webinar.  www.heatherchauvin.com/activate 

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