027: Go where you feel ALIVE. Why tribes are so important.

  POINT: Go where you feel GOOD (where you feel ALIVE).  If you don't feel welcome somewhere, leave and don't return. Find the people that make you feel good and find more of them. We all have our people. Where are yours?    It's a deep rooted human need to be in connection with others.    POINT: Create what you want to be a part of.  If it's not out their and you want it. Create it. That's what I did and do to this day.    POINT: Take action. Create it now!! Change won't happen unless someone takes action. You can be the next leader, trailblazer, game changer. It's up to you.      ACTION STEP: Journal.    What tribe do you want to be a part of? Where are these people?    Join a tribe. Paid or not paid.  Join a meet up.  Create your own.      RESOURCES:    Deconstructing Parenthood: The Conscious Way.    Dr. Shefali book: The Conscious Way      Abundant Yogi.      Teach Your Kid To Meditate Program 

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