018: The Inner calling: Are you listening to the signs?

    We are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving over here. Unfortunately mine includes a head cold. Which means cooking with a cold. Don’t be jealous :)    On today’s podcast episode I interview Kiva Leatherman from the WISE Women Network. I love Kiva’s real deal perspective on life, business and parenting so I wanted to ask her a few questions about what it’s like to go for you want AND be a conscious involved parent.    Purpose beyond parenting. How to find it and why is it so important to feel connected outside of your role as a mother.  What’s an inner calling and why is it so important to honours AND your child’s?  Surrender. How does this allow someone to feel in control?    I look forward to hearing your feedback about today’s episode.    Warmly,  Heather Chauvn    UPCOMING WORKSHOP: NOVEMBER 5th Design The Life You Crave Workshop        Kiva Leatherman | Wise Women Network      Book recommendation: The Surrender Experiment   

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